Doing Research


As I was doing some research waiting in line at a well-known soul food spot (think “The Itis” episode from Boondocks…yeah the food is that good!!) I discovered that no matter how many friends or family members you have God will put you in a place where it is just you and Him:

  • Joseph and God (Gen 39)
  • Moses and God (Exodus 2)
  • Hannah and God (1 Sam 1)
  • David and God (1 Samuel 22)
  • Elijah and God (1 Kings 19)
  • Jonah and God (Jonah 1)
  • Jesus and God (Matt 26)
  • Paul and God (Acts 23)
  • John and God (Rev 1)

There are many reasons for isolation (strengthen, encourage, teach, humble, God revealing Himself, etc.). One thing is true: who God isolates He also elevates.


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