Thoughts On…Christian Persecution


1. We let the world mourn over the loss of our Christian brothers and sisters because the world doesn’t know Jesus, but
2. we rejoice because our Christian brothers and sisters are present with the Lord and will receive a reward for their faith.
3. In the same breath, we pray that the testimony and faith of our Christian brothers and sisters changes the lives of ALL unbelievers and
4. at the same time we pray that their example of faith encourages and strengthens us in the event that God has also chosen us to face the same type of persecution.

That’s all I have to say about Christian’s being persecuted. As my pastor loves to say, “The Kingdom is Yours, the Power is Yours, so Lord let the Glory be Yours.” In Jesus name. Amen.


Disappointed (snippet)


You life me high and then you drop me to the ground
You gas me up saying you ‘gon take me outta town
My bags are packed, but you’re nowhere to be found
I can’t stand to be treated like a clown
Is my disappointment your enjoyment?

Civil War (snippet)


There’s a civil war goin’ on
Between normality and originality.
And I’m stuck in the middle of this slug fest.
One side is safer, but the other is probably best.
I can’t decide who will be my ally and who will be my enemy.
I have to make a choice.
Do I want to be normal or
Do I want to be something I was told I couldn’t be?

Headliner/ Center of My Joy


I be yelling out Jesus over everything/
Jesus on my mind/
Then she wanna she ask why am I so happy/

Tell her I apologize it happened over time/
She said they missed old Shaq/
Girl don’t tempt me…