Jim Crow (snippet)


I find it hard to enjoy the picture show
When I see Jim Crow
Sitting on the front row
Yes, life with Jim Crow terrorizing the
Streets in white robes after dark
Has been no walk in the park…
…I don’t think it’s a crime
To see white kids go to the same school as mine
I don’t think it’s a crime either
For me to not accept that this is the way things ought to be
Because I know that this isn’t true liberty…


This Is My Prayer


Father, there is so much oppression and injustice going on in this country. Lord, we need You. We need Your strength and Your courage to step up and stand up for the defenseless. We need Your peace in these chaotic times. We need Your love to fight against hate. We need Your wisdom to fight against ignorance. We need You to have our backs as we try to continually be a light in a dark world. I thank You in advance for the people you’ll send to answer the call no matter the cost because they understand that all human life is precious to You. I thank You for hearing and answering my prayer and the prayers of others who are praying for the same thing. For Your glory. In Jesus name. Amen.

Doing Research


As I was doing some research waiting in line at a well-known soul food spot (think “The Itis” episode from Boondocks…yeah the food is that good!!) I discovered that no matter how many friends or family members you have God will put you in a place where it is just you and Him:

  • Joseph and God (Gen 39)
  • Moses and God (Exodus 2)
  • Hannah and God (1 Sam 1)
  • David and God (1 Samuel 22)
  • Elijah and God (1 Kings 19)
  • Jonah and God (Jonah 1)
  • Jesus and God (Matt 26)
  • Paul and God (Acts 23)
  • John and God (Rev 1)

There are many reasons for isolation (strengthen, encourage, teach, humble, God revealing Himself, etc.). One thing is true: who God isolates He also elevates.