A Song You Don’t Wanna Sing


“We shall overcome”
Ain’t the song I wanna hum
Especially when I see injustice being done
Dogs get justice in my country
Better than a minority
Yet the government keeps telling us “No worry.
Just have faith in the grand jury.”
You can’t tell us to have faith in a broken system
Especially when that system has put innocent people in prison
And has given guilty people freedom
I’m not asking for much
I want a legal system that I can trust
Will do the right thing
And recognize that I’m a human being
Regardless of the fact
That the money in my pocket rings and doesn’t clap
And a legal system that doesn’t care that I’m female and black
I want a legal system where the ADA recognizes the true victims in the case
That doesn’t make punishment light or harsh because of the defendant’s gender or race
I want a legal system where the ADA has integrity
And is not afraid to see to it that crooked judges and cops are found guilty
I want a legal system where the judges refuses to disrespect and disregard the very laws that they are supposed to uphold
I want a legal system where the judges use discernment and common sense
And also have the ability to be merciful, compassionate, and be as bold as their black robe
With all that being said I know what you all are thinking
That I need to wake up and quit dreaming
But I can’t
Cause its the song my heart is singing
A song my heart will keep on singing ’til I’m in my grave
That familiar song that says “we shall overcome someday.”


Disappointed (snippet)


You life me high and then you drop me to the ground
You gas me up saying you ‘gon take me outta town
My bags are packed, but you’re nowhere to be found
I can’t stand to be treated like a clown
Is my disappointment your enjoyment?

Civil War (snippet)


There’s a civil war goin’ on
Between normality and originality.
And I’m stuck in the middle of this slug fest.
One side is safer, but the other is probably best.
I can’t decide who will be my ally and who will be my enemy.
I have to make a choice.
Do I want to be normal or
Do I want to be something I was told I couldn’t be?