Your House Is On Fire


I told you that months ago.
And you said, “What in the world do you know?”

So don’t get your panties in a twist
because I won’t tell you where the fire hydrant is.

Burn baby burn. Learn baby learn.



Thoughts On…Writing: Tip #1


Tip #1: Whether it’s good/bad don’t tell your friends & family you wrote something about them. #keepthemguessing #learnedthatthehardway

My Thoughts #6


Writing is like making love. If you take your time and do it right you can create something beautiful and something you’ll love.

My Thoughts #5


Things I’m learning to accept:

1. Nothing on Earth is free.
2. Some people just ain’t too bright.
3. Some people love drama more than they love Jesus.
4. Common sense is more than what people can afford. (Some people can’t afford common sense.)
5. Patience is a good teacher for a microwave society.

My Thoughts #4


All I wanna do is write, eat, sleep, go to church, and travel across the globe. And do some other stuff as well.

Daily Choice


1. Give…

  • thanks
  • freely and cheerfully

2. Let no one and nothing take…

  • your joy and peace
  • you away from your purpose/passion

3. Learn something new

4. Try something new without compromising your morals (taking risks decreases fear)