Your House Is On Fire


I told you that months ago.
And you said, “What in the world do you know?”

So don’t get your panties in a twist
because I won’t tell you where the fire hydrant is.

Burn baby burn. Learn baby learn.



Quote #17 (Albert Ellis)


“By not caring too much about what people think, I’m able to think for myself and propagate ideas which are very often unpopular. And I succeed.”- Albert Ellis

(via: “Good Leaders ask Great Questions by John C. Maxwell)

Quote #16 (First Lady Michelle Obama)


“One of the lessons that I grew up with was to always stay true to yourself and never let what somebody else says distract you from your goals. And so when I hear about negative and false attacks, I really don’t invest any energy in them, because I know who I am.” – First Lady Michelle Obama

(via: “Good Leaders Ask Great Questions” by John C. Maxwell)

Quote #15 (John C. Maxwell)

“Even if you do everything right, there’s no guarantee that others won’t treat you wrong. People can decide they don’t like you with no legitimate reason. You can’t control that. Instead be confident…develop thick skin, and your critics won’t bother you as much.”- John C. Maxwell
“Good Leaders Ask Great Questions”

Thoughts On…Christian Persecution


1. We let the world mourn over the loss of our Christian brothers and sisters because the world doesn’t know Jesus, but
2. we rejoice because our Christian brothers and sisters are present with the Lord and will receive a reward for their faith.
3. In the same breath, we pray that the testimony and faith of our Christian brothers and sisters changes the lives of ALL unbelievers and
4. at the same time we pray that their example of faith encourages and strengthens us in the event that God has also chosen us to face the same type of persecution.

That’s all I have to say about Christian’s being persecuted. As my pastor loves to say, “The Kingdom is Yours, the Power is Yours, so Lord let the Glory be Yours.” In Jesus name. Amen.

Quote #14 (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)


“We must rapidly begin the shift from a “thing-oriented” society to a “person-oriented” society. When machines and computers, profit motives and property rights are considered more important than people, the giant triplets of racism, materialism, and militarism are incapable of being conquered.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “Beyond Vietnam” Speech in 1967

Quote #13 (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.)


“If America does not respond creatively to the challenge to banish racism, some future historian will have to say, that a great civilization died because it lacked the soul and commitment to make justice a reality for all men.”- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “The Three Evils of Society” Speech 1967

Jim Crow (snippet)


I find it hard to enjoy the picture show
When I see Jim Crow
Sitting on the front row
Yes, life with Jim Crow terrorizing the
Streets in white robes after dark
Has been no walk in the park…
…I don’t think it’s a crime
To see white kids go to the same school as mine
I don’t think it’s a crime either
For me to not accept that this is the way things ought to be
Because I know that this isn’t true liberty…

A Song You Don’t Wanna Sing


“We shall overcome”
Ain’t the song I wanna hum
Especially when I see injustice being done
Dogs get justice in my country
Better than a minority
Yet the government keeps telling us “No worry.
Just have faith in the grand jury.”
You can’t tell us to have faith in a broken system
Especially when that system has put innocent people in prison
And has given guilty people freedom
I’m not asking for much
I want a legal system that I can trust
Will do the right thing
And recognize that I’m a human being
Regardless of the fact
That the money in my pocket rings and doesn’t clap
And a legal system that doesn’t care that I’m female and black
I want a legal system where the ADA recognizes the true victims in the case
That doesn’t make punishment light or harsh because of the defendant’s gender or race
I want a legal system where the ADA has integrity
And is not afraid to see to it that crooked judges and cops are found guilty
I want a legal system where the judges refuses to disrespect and disregard the very laws that they are supposed to uphold
I want a legal system where the judges use discernment and common sense
And also have the ability to be merciful, compassionate, and be as bold as their black robe
With all that being said I know what you all are thinking
That I need to wake up and quit dreaming
But I can’t
Cause its the song my heart is singing
A song my heart will keep on singing ’til I’m in my grave
That familiar song that says “we shall overcome someday.”

This Is My Prayer


Father, there is so much oppression and injustice going on in this country. Lord, we need You. We need Your strength and Your courage to step up and stand up for the defenseless. We need Your peace in these chaotic times. We need Your love to fight against hate. We need Your wisdom to fight against ignorance. We need You to have our backs as we try to continually be a light in a dark world. I thank You in advance for the people you’ll send to answer the call no matter the cost because they understand that all human life is precious to You. I thank You for hearing and answering my prayer and the prayers of others who are praying for the same thing. For Your glory. In Jesus name. Amen.